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    Paediatrician at S.E. Asia

    As one of the many health professionals who suffer from a severe case of imposter syndrome, I sorely needed that confidence boost and actionable tools that Anita gave me to surge ahead in the face of unfamiliar territory.

    I signed up for a 6-month coaching program with Anita and it was one of the best investments I’ve made for myself.

    Anita helped me to be more self-aware, more mindful, and gave me the courage to make mistakes, make difficult decisions, manage challenging situations, and chart my own path, but with a lot more confidence and self-awareness.

    Paediatric Fellow 2023

    Paediatric Fellow, Sydney

    Anita has provided me with the expertise, experience, professionalism and skill to fast track my career transition to consultant roles, supporting me to identify and achieve professional dreams I didn't know I had.

    Anaesthetics Trainee

    Anaesthetics Trainee

    I believe Anita was the difference that helped me secure a position on a competitive training program on my second application.
    She is professional, knowledgeable and I felt that she was genuinely invested in my success. On a practical note, she was available at times
    that suited a busy work schedule and was able to meet via video conferencing. Thank you Anita!

    PGY4 Anaesthetics scheme Registrar 2023

    PGY4 Anaesthetic scheme registrar 2023

    Anita has been most helpful and supportive throughout a difficult process. She has given me invaluable individualised advice tailored to my situation and needs. Anita has a great understanding of the challenges junior medical professionals face. I would highly recommend her service and I would recommend utilising her service early in the job application process to get most prepared for your dream job.

    Advanced Trainee

    Advanced Trainee

    The interview preparation we did together really helped me. It kept me calm during my interview responses as I followed a logical structure. At the end I was successful and received an offer which has been a great move for me.

    I’ve passed on a recommendation to some good friends who are in a similar position of applying to their ideal advanced training specialty.

    Consultant Paediatrician

    Staff Specialist

    Anita helped me enhance the quality of my cover letter and CV. Working together with Anita improved my interview skills by more than 10-fold. Her teaching and feedback were constructive. It helped me improve my ability to formulate and deliver answers to interview questions. Recorded practice interview sessions increased my confidence. In addition, her feedback was phenomenal, which resulted in extraordinary results. My interview skills have significantly improved due to her great attitude and methods, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for interview coaching. Her friendly and caring nature, coupled with her unique teaching style, is highly commended. Thank you Anita.

    Dilani Bamford

    JMO Manager

    Approachable, personable, friendly, supportive, expert in career advice, CV building & recruitment and much more. I have worked with Anita personally & professionally and highly recommend. Anita is extremely honest and never fails to deliver!

    Dr Ashna Basu

    Doctor, Speaker, Consultant

    Working with Anita has been incredible. She's so warm, knowledgeable and approachable. She made a huge effort to understand me and my experience/skills/qualifications - often she remembers achievements I've forgotten about! That then feeds into career development sessions, where she helps me ideate about the future, and provides amazing advice. It's also incredibly helpful for more targeted sessions preparing for job applications and interviews! Interview preparation with Anita is another highlight - it was flexible and tailored, but she was also able to switch into interview mode where she fired questions at me to test my endurance. The feedback afterwards was insightful, with heaps of practical tips and the questions were very similar to those I got in my interviews! Anita has been an absolute asset, and helped me secure my dream job. Interview preparation isn't just for people who struggle with interviews - it's always vital to practice answering questions, and doing that with someone as experienced as Anita meant that I was constantly getting honest and valuable feedback. Working with Anita is a crucial part of my personal and professional development. I first met Anita when she worked with the AMA - when she launched StandOut Medical Careers it was an absolute no-brainer - she's the best in the biz.

    Dr Navid Aminian

    Senior Resident Medical Officer at South Eastern Sydney LHD

    Anita's guidance was absolutely pivotal in helping me land an Anaesthetic registrar job for 2022. She helped me revise my CV template multiple times until I was completely happy with it. She helped me with selection criteria for up to 10 different locations, as well as multiple one on one interview sessions which really helped me structure my answers which ultimately helped me get the job I wanted. Definitely looking forward to working with her in the future and will be recommending her to my colleagues.


    Unaccredited ICU/Anaesthetics Registrar

    As a junior doctor trying to enter a highly competitive specialty, having Anita’s guidance with career counselling, application and interview preparation was incredibly effective and reassuring. I received numerous interviews and job offers, and have accepted a new role which challenges and directly advances my career. I would not hesitate to recommend Anita to my medical colleagues (although truth be told, I would selfishly like to keep her services a secret!).

    Dr Alon Taylor

    ENT Surgery Registrar

    Anita was a fantastic asset in preparing me for the the recent round of competitive ENT surgical registrar job applications. She gave insightful and practical advice for improving my CV, we had a number of very helpful interview practice sessions, and offered great suggestions in other less tangible aspects of my career trajectory (such as networking and forming relationships with RACS). I was successful in landing the job I wanted and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others in my situation. I will continue to work with her into the future.

    Dr Sunela Pathirana

    SRMO Sydney

    I am privileged to have been able to work with Anita on multiple occasions.
    Initially introduced through the AMA, she played a pivotal role in my career progression. From assisting me with my resume, to providing me with the confidence to tackle interviews. I am forever thankful to her and would not hesitate to recommend her to a colleague or friend.

    Thanks Anita.

    Aaron Neufeld (PhD)

    Product Development Project Leader, BlueScope

    The magic that Anita worked for my CV has changed the outlook I have on my career path in a very positive way.  Her engagement style made it quite easy to reveal the hidden gems of my experience and key strengths in reworking my CV which had been neglected for a decade. I am very happy with the reworked final product but more importantly, through highly effective coaching,  Anita has revitalised the view I have for the next stage of my working life.

    Sarah Skalecki

    Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Principal House Officer - Queensland Health

    I highly recommend Anita Fletcher for Career Consultation. Anita helped me build and perfect my interview skills in the lead up to my application for specialty training. She is flexible in her sessions and we met in person, over the phone and through the Skype platform. She provided content which was relevant to my level of skill and the college I was applying for. I am very grateful to have worked with Anita, and can proudly say I was successful in my application for specialty training! Thank you Anita. 

    Peter Somerville

    Chief Executive Officer - Australian Medical Association (ACT) Ltd

    I've worked with Anita on several projects and events delivering career advice and building interview skills for young doctors. At all times, Anita has displayed a depth of knowledge and willingness to accommodate the needs of AMA (ACT) and our members that is second to none. Combining her depth of knowledge with a calm, structured manner means that I have no hesitation in recommending to future business partners.

    Kerrie Seymour

    Industrial Organiser - Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation

    Highly recommend Anita Fletcher in providing careers advice, CVwriting, providing mentor services etc. Anita is professional,knowledgeable and flexible in her approach. She provides anexcellent service to the medical profession. Take an opportunityto utilise her services you won’t be disappointed.

    Erika Stradzins

    Anaesthetics Registrar - Canberra Health Services

    Ms Fletcher is an incredible asset to the Australian medical community. I first worked with Anita in my capacity as the president of the Women in Medicine Group, at the University of New South Wales, a grassroots initiative to promote gender equity in the medical profession. Anita facilitated a tailored workshop for medical students on how to build CVs. Thanks to Anita we now feel empowered to take positive steps towards our careers in medicine, and are excited about being the next generation of doctors.

    Timothy RD Scott

    Paediatric Rehabilitation Physician - John Hunter Hospital & Sydney Children's Hospital Network

    Anita is extremely professional and supportive in advising on transition to senior medical roles. She is a great asset to have on your side.

    General Surgeon


    I highly recommend Anita for her help in my career progression; fantastic feedback and advice; greatly appreciated indeed.

    Douglas Randell

    Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer, Consultant, Specialist

    Anita, I still remember the confidence you gave me when I was thinking of transitioning from clinical work to medical administration. It has been an important step that has enabled much opportunity and wider impact. Thanks for the great work you do.

    Senior Radiology Registrar


    Anita demonstrates vast experience and knowledge in the preparation for competitive medical subspecialty applications.  Anita assisted me in structuring my experiences into genuine, honest and situationally appropriate responses that I could clearly convey to the interview panel.  Her emphasis on helping me structure and communicate my professional and personal skills, experience and future goals as effectively as possible was a key element to success.  Moreover, Anita is an absolute pleasure to work together with, and she conveys a genuine desire for her client to achieve their best.  I highly recommend Anita’s services in the preparation for medical subspecialty application and interview.

    Medical Registrar


    I can’t thank Anita enough for her assistance in preparing for my interviews and polishing my CV. She is always approachable and her feedback highlighted aspects of my work experience that I wouldn’t think much of but is actually a key differentiator in a job application. I’m glad I enlisted her service and I would encourage anyone at any level to do the same - you won’t be disappointed!

    Plastics Registrar


    I have worked with Anita closely towards my SET interview. I wish I had met her earlier. She is an amazing human being. Walked me through it all and literally beat the Imposter Syndrome in me. Unfortunately I did not get onto training but she helped me secure a great job at a reputable hospital. I did not see myself working there for some reason. I look forward to getting on training with Anita's assistance in 2021.

    Eleanor Warwick

    Medical Student 5th year at University of Newcastle

    I worked with Anita when applying for Junior Medical Officer positions. Anita worked closely with me to ensure my CV was at an exceptional standard and that my selection criteria address and CV were best structured to reflect my skills, strengths and experiences. Anita’s personalised and supportive approach to the job application process is strengths-based, assisting you to reflect on what makes you a stand-out candidate and communicate that effectively. Her well-organised, efficient sessions are guided by your goals. Her additional insights into career planning, professional development and organisation were invaluable. I plan to work with Anita further in future, and would definitely recommend Anita to any of my colleagues, at any stage of their career.

    Erika Stradzins

    Critical Care Senior Resident Medical Officer at St George’s Hospital Sydney

    Ms Fletcher is an incredible asset to the Australian medical community. I first worked with Anita in my capacity as the president of the Women in Medicine Group, at the University of New South Wales, a grassroots initiative to promote gender equity in the medical profession. Anita facilitated a tailored workshop for medical students on how to build CVs. She engaged well with not only the audience, but also those who video conferenced in, showing superior communication skills. Feedback from students included praise about her practical advice, understanding, and ability to answer questions. We were also appreciative that Anita came after hours to share her knowledge with us. Thanks to Anita we now feel empowered to take positive steps towards our careers in medicine, and are excited about being the next generation of doctors.

    Unaccredited Surgery Registrar


    Anita is an absolute pleasure to work with. I was very impressed by her professionalism, dedication and how invested she was in my career. She got me through the very tough jump from RMO to Unaccredited Surgery Registrar by tirelessly combing through my applications and practising interview questions. She is excellent at giving effective and conscientious feedback both for my interview answers and when tackling my very real imposter syndrome. Furthermore, she is very knowledgeable and experienced in medical recruitment and her insight has been invaluable. I have no doubt that I will be using her services throughout my career.

    Kaushalya Perera

    Terminologist at Australian Digital Health Agency

    I contacted Anita while figuring out my transition to a new career and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her vast range of experience in the medical and corporate sector was valuable with updating my resume and particularly in interview practice. With her expertise, personalised service, and encouragement I was able to confidently and successfully transition into a different career path and I'm so grateful!

    Professor Andrew Mallett

    Director of Clinical Research, Townsville Hospital and Health Service

    At the outset, let me just say that Anita is absolutely what one needs heading into the stressful process of reflecting on your career path and in potentially making a change in that space. Her calm, supportive and methodical approach was excellent and effective. Spanning from general values-based discussions and career reflections to CV “makeover”, job application and interview preparation, Anita was there to support at every step of the way. I will always appreciate her input and advice as an experienced and informed external career advisor and coach. For anyone feeling in any way “lost” or wondering if a career change or opportunity is in their future, then Anita is the first person to contact and engage. With her help, I’m now in a dream job and in a new career direction that is helping me to live and realise my professional aspirations. Whilst I don’t plan on changing direction or job any time soon, if I ever did then Anita would be the first person I would reach out to without hesitation.

    Final Year Medical Student

    Thank you again Anita for your help with my cover letter and CV. You were very thorough with your feedback and I would highly recommend you to my colleagues. I really appreciated how you were able to help me clearly articulate my skills and career achievements concisely and ensuring that the important parts were clear to see.