Course Overview

Standout Prevocational Trainee is a self-paced learning program providing practical guidance on navigating issues which affect doctors in training.

With a focus on the non-clinical aspects of your career planning and development, we examine what doctors at this career stage can do to make critical career decisions and to secure the opportunities for training and employment to foster the professional development required on the way to fellowship. Alternative career pathways are also discussed.

Insights, tools and resources are designed to help inform decisions and establish priorities.

  • Video presentations guide you through 5 pillars of career development:
    • Career Direction
    • Meeting Requirements
    • Building Successful Applications
    • Standout Interview Presentation
    • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Activities provide frameworks for a structured approach to planning your career and the opportunities you can seek that will fulfil your desire to achieve your ambitions and stand out from other candidates.
  • Downloadable documents including a sample medical CV will assist you to take the action required to get organised and approach application processes with increased confidence.

Course Objectives

  • Match medical career pathway options with your motivations and skills
  • Understand how employers and training colleges assess and select candidates
  • Articulate your value offering in applications and at interview
  • Improve your CV and professional online profile
  • Identify and pursue opportunities that will broaden your experiences and skillset

Standout Prevocational Trainee provides doctors in training with information to ensure a thorough approach to planning, preparing and taking action to attain critical roles for continued career progression.

Course Testimonials

  • Senior Radiology Registrar
    Anita demonstrates vast experience and knowledge in the preparation for competitive medical subspecialty applications.  Anita assisted me in structuring my experiences into genuine, honest and situationally appropriate responses that I could clearly convey to the interview panel.  Her emphasis on helping me structure and communicate my professional and personal skills, experience and future goals as effectively as possible was a key element to success.  Moreover, Anita is an absolute pleasure to work together with, and she conveys a genuine desire for her client to achieve their best.  I highly recommend Anita’s services in the preparation for medical subspecialty application and interview.
    Senior Radiology Registrar
  • Medical Registrar
    I can’t thank Anita enough for her assistance in preparing for my interviews and polishing my CV. She is always approachable and her feedback highlighted aspects of my work experience that I wouldn’t think much of but is actually a key differentiator in a job application. I’m glad I enlisted her service and I would encourage anyone at any level to do the same - you won’t be disappointed!
    Medical Registrar
  • Plastics Registrar
    I have worked with Anita closely towards my SET interview. I wish I had met her earlier. She is an amazing human being. Walked me through it all and literally beat the Imposter Syndrome in me. Unfortunately I did not get onto training but she helped me secure a great job at a reputable hospital. I did not see myself working there for some reason. I look forward to getting on training with Anita's assistance in 2021.
    Plastics Registrar
  • Sarah Skalecki
    I highly recommend Anita Fletcher for Career Consultation. Anita helped me build and perfect my interview skills in the lead up to my application for specialty training. She is flexible in her sessions and we met in person, over the phone and through the Skype platform. She provided content which was relevant to my level of skill and the college I was applying for. I am very grateful to have worked with Anita, and can proudly say I was successful in my application for specialty training! Thank you Anita. 
    Sarah Skalecki
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Principal House Officer - Queensland Health

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