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After years of study, you want to be ready to find a job aligned with the knowledge and skills that you’ve gained. There are many considerations, some of which include: employer in an industry of choice, medical field, clinical versus non-clinical, location, and benefits of the role.

Starting your job hunting well before you complete your training gives you plenty of time to plan, prepare and act so you don’t miss out on potential opportunities. You want to make sure that  a recruiter’s first impression of you will have them wanting to put you forward for roles that you’re interested in.

So, where should you start? Your CV – this is what recruiters will see first, usually before they meet you. I can’t stress enough how important a well written and well -presented CV is. Without the proper care and attention to detail, your CV could be the reason you don’t progress to interviews.

This month, we look at what you, as a doctor in training, can do now to prepare your CV in plenty of time for the next recruitment season.

“Your CV not only precedes you at interview, it has a life of its own once you send it out into the world.”

Anita Fletcher

10 Tips for a standout CV

Your CV should highlight the most compelling and relevant information about your achievements and suitability for a role. And it must be immaculately presented. The following tips are some key aspects to ensure that your CV is ready to forward to recruiters.

·       Clean and uncomplicated format:  Avoid clutter on the page, keep it simple and neatly aligned

·       Profile statement with compelling content: Showcase who you are, make each reader want to know more about you

·       Highlight key achievements: These must be relevant to the roles you’re applying for. Don’t hold back

 Include current roles: even volunteer positions are rated highly

·       Don’t forget prizes and awards: it’s important to show that your work is respected and acknowledged

·       Mobile device legibility check: Formatting may appear different on mobile devices so ensure you cater for this

·       Referees with contact details: Ensure you have their permission and the details are current

·       Get feedback from others: Have a few people review your CV and provide feedback

·       PDF and print check: Save your CV in PDF format and print it to check that fonts and formatting are correct

·       Review it before interview: Ensure you know your CV inside out, and that there are no changes to be made before sending to a recruiter

“Strategically transform your CV so that it conveys your talents, experience and full potential.”

Anita Fletcher


You may feel anxious and nervous about preparing for the recruitment season, as many people do. Just don’t let those feelings stop you from doing what you want. Remember why you want to be a doctor and get the support of others around you.

You have a great and rewarding future to look forward to.

If you would like guidance on updating your CV, Standout Medical Careers has an upcoming workshop for doctors in training. Click here for details.

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