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Download "How To Answer Questions In An Interview" Guide
Download "How To Answer Questions In An Interview" Guide

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud?

Imposter syndrome is a common issue affecting many medical professionals, yet it isn’t openly discussed. Despite being highly skilled with years of experience, and even receiving many awards and recognition, doctors have a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.

A previous client I worked with experienced imposter syndrome:

Lucy* is a highly capable and skilled doctor but lacks the confidence to apply for career opportunities. While most superiors were supportive, there was one manager blocking her progression by influencing the outcome of a consultant role she applied for. This left Lucy uncertain about her future in medicine. Self-doubt took hold and she felt she wasn’t deserving of a consultant role.

Lucy heard about my services and engaged my help to develop a plan to achieve her goals, several of which she accomplished within 6 months.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

In this article, we explore some key signs of imposter syndrome and how you can take back control.

6 key signs of imposter syndrome

You may relate to some of these behaviours if you have imposter syndrome:

6 tips for managing imposter syndrome at work

Here are some steps you can follow to get rid of self-doubt:

Imposter syndrome doesn’t have to be debilitating. By recognising the key signs and following our tips, you can overcome feelings of self-doubt. Challenge negative thought patterns, celebrate your achievements and learn to accept compliments. Remember, you are highly capable and deserving of success.

If you’d like some help to work on taking control of imposter syndrome, I offer 1-on-1 confidential coaching focusing on implementing strategies that help you believe in yourself. Contact me at [email protected] for details.

Other ways I can help

Improve how you present yourself and what you want through:

If you’re interested in any of these services and want to know more, book a free Career Strategy Session

Structuring Interview Questions Guide 3d Cover

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