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Download "How To Answer Questions In An Interview" Guide
Download "How To Answer Questions In An Interview" Guide
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Digital learnings – Embracing digital innovation

As the medical profession embraces the age of artificial intelligence (AI), a critical question arises: How can we harness its potential while preserving the essence of human connection in healthcare?

As some of you are aware, AI isn’t a new concept. However, its use in healthcare continues to evolve. The recent Festival of Digital Health provided great insight into this topic.

A common way that businesses use AI is via a ‘bot’ which is short for ‘robot’. It’s essentially a software program designed to automate specific tasks or simulate human-like interactions. And while some can be very efficient, they are just software programs. They lack the true cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and creativity that humans possess.

You’ve probably already had some experience with a bot if you’ve been on a website where a customer service agent starts an online chat with you. These are typically AI bots, pre-programmed to respond to specific questions based on the knowledge that it’s been set up with. They are great for answering common questions from customers/clients, but not for complex or non-common queries.

Yes, AI and digital tools have the potential to revolutionise healthcare, streamlining processes, enhancing diagnostics, and improving patient outcomes. However, as we integrate these advancements into our practices, we must remain vigilantly aware of the irreplaceable value of human empathy, compassion, and the all-important doctor-patient relationship. I doubt that AI will be able to navigate complex emotional situations and express genuine empathy.

Are you in Brisbane?

I’ll be back in Brisbane in June to attend a few events and meet up with partners and clients. There’ll be plenty of networking opportunities and I’m looking forward to sharing tips and insights into career planning.

If you’re attending any of the events listed in this newsletter below and would like to catch up over coffee, please get in touch.

My upcoming leave

I will be on leave in July. I am available for coaching, workshops, and webinars until the end of June and will resume bookings in August.

Article – Digital Health

The Digital Health Festival in Melbourne highlighted the future of digital technology in healthcare and how it is transforming the industry. The Australian government’s National Digital Health Strategy aims to achieve a digitally enabled, person-centred, inclusive, and data-driven health system by 2028. However, challenges such as interoperability between healthcare systems, data standardization, and security and privacy concerns need to be addressed.

Samsung Medical Center showcased the potential of integrated digital health systems, featuring mobile EMRs, AI clinical monitoring, and patient engagement. While Australia lags behind in AI innovation in healthcare, the industry is witnessing a rise in startups addressing gaps in healthcare delivery. Digital technology is set to revolutionize healthcare, reducing manual processes and enabling medical professionals to focus more on patient care.

Read the full article here.

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Recent and upcoming conferences

QCH presentation

 It was a pleasure to present to registrars and fellows at the Queensland Children’s Hospital on Thursday 6th June in Brisbane.

The group expressed common concerns over the ability to present value with confidence in high-pressure interview settings.

There was discussion around topics such as how to navigate difficult questions such as hypothetical situations about balancing work with family commitments.

Feedback from one attendee: “I found your presentation to the junior doctors at Queensland Children’s Hospital incredibly helpful. Since then, I have reworked my CV.”

St Vincents Hospital Network Sydney and Medical Women’s Society of NSW

I am delighted to be returning to St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst on 2 July and presenting via Zoom that evening, along with some wonderful contacts from the NSW MWS that I met in 2017.

Every day I hear stories of the competition for roles and the factors that influence doctor’s chances for successful progression. It’s a pleasure to assist and share insights gained from my work with people at all stages across this sector.

Standout Medical Careers webinars returning in August

Yesterday’s webinar on interviewing for registrars was well attended. On return from leave in August, I will be making some webinar recordings available as part of a new offering to Standout Medical Careers followers. Watch this space and keep up to date with webinars here.

Upcoming Brisbane events

Wine & Cheese evening – Save the date! (29th August)

I’ll be returning to Brisbane in August to co-host an exciting event with Vinny Lo from Oscar Hunt.

Please save the date for this event that Vinny Lo has kindly offered to host. The event is a wine and cheese evening at the hospital on Thursday 29th August.

I hope you can join. Vinny and I will be there along with our medical contacts. It’s a casual, fun and relaxing networking opportunity for some of Brisbane’s wonderful doctors. We’ll also share a few words about career planning and great clothes.

Redcliffe Lunch

The following day I will be meeting with another group of doctors at Redcliffe Hospital. If you’re free, reach out by email [email protected] to arrange to catch up at an event or over coffee.

Elevate your profile – how will you present yourself to higher level stakeholders

When you prepare well in advance for a change in career, promotion or training program application, you give yourself an advantage over other applicants who don’t prepare adequately.

I offer personalised 6- and 12-month coaching programs to help clients with the following:

My coaching programs are ideal for those planning on a career change or applying for a training program in the next 12 months. I can help ensure you are better positioned to stand out for the right reasons and achieve a successful outcome.

Book in a free confidential chat to discuss how a career coaching program can help you achieve your goals:


Anita from Standout Medical Careers is trusted by doctors nationally and internationally to help gain clarity on what is important to them and which direction to take their career.

Book in a free confidential chat:


Anita from Standout Medical Careers is trusted by doctors nationally and internationally to help gain clarity on what is important to them and which direction to take their career.

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Structuring Interview Questions Guide 3d Cover

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