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Shaping your medical journey: The importance of adaptability and openness to change

Conventional Medical Career Pathways The medical profession is rich with diverse career pathways, each offering its unique blend of challenges and rewards. Whether drawn to public […]

Empathy and expertise: Integrating emotional intelligence in medical careers

Emotional intelligence in the medical profession Emotional intelligence (EI) is about understanding and recognising your own emotions and those around you. As the medical field is […]

Private practice unveiled: Key considerations for doctors seeking independence

Transitioning to Private Practice As a Fellow considering moving to private practice, either your own or joining an existing practice, transitioning from the hospital system to […]

Communication in healthcare environments

Given the high-pressure environments that doctors work in, challenges in communication can arise. These can affect your professional relationships. Simply put, if what you communicate is […]

Global Health & Pharma Award

A few months ago I was informed that Standout Medical Careers was nominated for an award in the Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Healthcare and Pharmaceutical […]

Partnership with MIGA

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Australian medical indemnity provider MIGA. This allows us to support more doctors nationally through our career coaching services, specialist […]

Finding time for CPD and developing your nonclinical skills

Doctors need to undertake and maintain professional development activities, including an annual Professional development Plan. Ongoing learning means staying on top of new and updated treatments […]

Building your future: Cultivating confidence and crafting a winning strategy for fellowship applications

At this time of year, many doctors are completing years of specialist training and attaining their Fellowship. Firstly, congratulations for achieving this amazing career milestone. You’ve […]

From setback to success: Navigating alternative paths to your dream career in medicine

In this month’s article, we examine your choices if you can’t get into the training program or senior clinician role you want. While we’ll focus on […]

The power of knowing your worth: How senior doctors can take charge of their careers

Understanding the prevalence of undervaluation in the medical field Knowing your value is understanding what you stand for and what you’re prepared to accept from people […]

Overcome imposter syndrome: Say goodbye to self-doubt

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud? Imposter syndrome is a common issue affecting many medical professionals, yet it isn’t openly discussed. Despite being highly skilled […]

Be a standout doctor: Create an unforgettable personal brand

Do you dread talking about yourself? Do the terms personal branding or self-promotion make you wince? If so, you are not alone in feeling uncomfortable when […]

Preparing for recruitment season: Stand out from the crowd with our proven CV tips

Introduction After years of study, you want to be ready to find a job aligned with the knowledge and skills that you’ve gained. There are many […]

From Doctor to Executive: Tips for Transitioning Into an Executive Role

Introduction Starting a new role can be exciting and stressful, especially at the executive level. As doctors, you may have already achieved great success in your […]

What Confidence, or Lack of, Looks Like in the Workplace, and Tips to Recover

Introduction Confidence is the hot topic this month. It has a direct impact in all aspects of our lives, whether we realise it or not. Confidence […]

Nine Career Planning Tips for 2023

Introduction As we look forward to welcoming the new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your professional achievements in 2022. Whether you’re a med […]