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Download "How To Answer Questions In An Interview" Guide
Download "How To Answer Questions In An Interview" Guide

Do you dread talking about yourself?

Do the terms personal branding or self-promotion make you wince?

If so, you are not alone in feeling uncomfortable when it comes to the notion of talking about yourself, especially when you have not been directly asked to do so.

However, these terms do not necessarily mean you need to embark on a mission to gain thousands of followers on social media platforms or stop people in the hallway to tell them of your remarkable feats. Instead, I would encourage you to think about them in terms of this statement that I often put to my clients:

“If you don’t tell people what you have done or what you wish to achieve, they won’t know.”

Anita Fletcher

If you are comfortable with the extent to which people know you, that’s fantastic.

But if you would like to let your career status and ambitions to pursue other goals be known more broadly – within your team, the wider environment in which you work, beyond your workplace and potentially at a national or international level, then I hope these suggested ways to start will help you.

7 Personal branding tips to get you started

Ready to get branded?

Whether you see yourself moving up through the ranks or continue in your current role, how people perceive you will impact both on your career prospects and relationships.

Branding isn’t just about logos or tag lines. You are your brand – people will find you more relatable and approachable if you follow our tips to get started on how you present.

From my own experience, it’s hard to know where to start and how to put together a branding strategy (it’s not as scary as it sounds). But if you don’t start, you’ll be missing out on opportunities to broaden your experiences and relationships.

If you’d like some help working out your brand and branding strategy, book in a free 15-min consult to talk with me about what you need.

Other ways I can help

Improve how you present yourself and what you want through:

If you’re interested in any of these services and want to know more, email me: [email protected]

Structuring Interview Questions Guide 3d Cover

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