CV Overhaul

Present a revitalised CV that sets you apart from other candidates

Your CV introduces you to prospective employers so it must do justice to reflecting your skills, experience and achievements. Anita will provide feedback and suggested changes so that you present your career professionally, clearly and in a way that reflects the requirements of the role for which you are applying.

First impressions count. Succinctly convey suitability through keyword placement. Clearly present experience in a well-structured document. Dramatically enhance your unique strengths through elevated language.

How CV Overhaul works:

  • Send your CV to me for review prior to our meeting
  • Discuss and update CV during the session; I will then send you edited version
  • Identify and express the professional and personal skills and attributes that you bring
  • Craft a Career Objective Statement / Professional Profile based on your interests and experience
  • 1 hour one-on-one session with me

CV Overhaul provides you with an opportunity to discuss your goals and receive personalised explanation of suggested changes

Investment/Fee: $595-$1,100 depending on seniority and complexity