Personalised Coaching Programs

Work with me to identify what matters to you and how to align your interests and strengths to establish a career plan and professional profile to approach transition into new roles and achieve success within your chosen field.

Here’s how we work.  We will examine your value proposition, explore career options and develop standout application documents. Effectively showcase unique strengths and aptitudes with personalised communication skills coaching.

We start with a discussion about your current situation, goals and needs – choose  free career consult when making a booking.

I will present options for a 3- , 6- or 12-month program. These are flexible packages to suit your requirements.

Coaching outcomes:

  • Gain clarity on career direction
  • Reflect and discuss current professional situation and environment, goals, interests, roadblocks
  • Tabulate your professional areas of interest
  • Model your own career development framework
  • Create your unique value proposition
  • Build a tailored CV
  • Illustrate leadership capabilities
  • Receive feedback through mock interviews
  • Articulate your professional value in concise dialogue

What does a fulfilling career look like to you and how can you attain that?

Motivations and desired outcomes are different for each of us. As we work together, we will identify these. They may include:

  • Getting paid more
  • Helping others
  • Giving back
  • Participation in medical breakthroughs
  • Innovating/ undertaking challenging projects
  • Career opportunities
  • Enjoyment (“doesn’t feel like work”)
  • Professional development
  • Flexibility / balance

Limited appointments available