Standout Careers is here to help people take the necessary actions to pursue their dream career opportunities by providing trusted support and services.

Anita Fletcher set up the company following a diverse career in various roles and settings. Anita experienced first hand what it’s like to enter roles that were not at all expected, to identify and develop interests along the way, to take the occasional leap and change direction and to keep learning and exploring the vast array of work possibilities at our disposal.

We often find ourselves funnelled in to limited or narrow options. One of Standout Careers’ drivers is to help people think beyond those obvious choices and consider other paths, roads, highways..

Medical Careers are our specialty.

For 5 years Anita ran the Medical Careers Advisory for the Australian peak body for medical professionals (Australian Medical Association), engaging with thousands of doctors within Australia and internationally.

Our team possesses a deep understanding of the many and varied complexities and challenges of a career in Medicine and the opportunities that exist for doctors outside of Medicine.

This expertise, in combination with personalised assistance and career-related training services, results in significant progress toward greater career fulfilment for doctors.

Whatever career stage or situation you currently find yourself in, we’d love to work with you to identify where you want to go next and help you to get there.

Please give Anita a call on (+61) 0437 527 597 (or email [email protected])