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Career Development

Identifying individual interests and strengths to establish a personal profile. Working within a collaborative framework to create a flexible career plan.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be daunting and recruiters can be faced with hundreds of candidates to choose from. We can help you through this process so that you confidently express your professional abilities in your best light.

Meet Anita

My passion is helping people to proactively manage their careers and experience the elation that comes with landing each individual person’s dream job. My objective is to provide services that enrich people’s careers and, in turn, their lives.

As a highly experienced Medical Career Coach I am the founder of an advice-based specialist consulting practice. This work allows me to indulge in my passions for writing, public speaking, and coaching people to understand and convey their value so that they can realise their potential.

I have a deep understanding of the many and varied complexities and challenges of a career in Medicine and the opportunities that exist for doctors outside of Medicine.

This understanding comes from:

  • 5+ years running the Medical Careers Advisory for the Australian Medical Association
  • Engaging with thousands of doctors within Australia and internationally while working with Australia’s peak body for medical professionals
  • A 25-year background in business operations management and HR

In my career, I too have experienced the feeling of being stuck and had to learn how to make the moves required to get past that. I’ve also learned the importance of “doing the work” required to make necessary changes.

My expertise, in combination with personalised assistance and career-related training services, results in significant progress toward greater career fulfilment for doctors and others within the health sector and beyond.

Upcoming Webinars

TopicStart TimeDurationRegister
How to Stand Out in Your Medical Workplace This free webinar explores ways to excel in your current workplace. How to demonstrate leadership, stand out to your consultants, be confident in various medical workplace settings. Hosted by Anita Fletcher, Standout Medical Careers28/10/2021 7:00 PM AEDT60 minutesRegister
Develop a Portfolio Career - SMOs Having established a successful clinical career, what will the next chapter look like? A blend of clinical and non-clinical roles? Applying your expertise within board and advisory positions? A move away from Medicine altogether? Join Anita to ex25/11/2021 7:00 PM AEDT60 minutesRegister

What my clients say!

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    Dr Alon Taylor

    ENT Surgery Registrar

    Anita was a fantastic asset in preparing me for the the recent round of competitive ENT surgical registrar job applications. She gave insightful and practical advice for improving my CV, we had a number of very helpful interview practice sessions, and offered great suggestions in other less tangible aspects of my career trajectory (such as networking and forming relationships with RACS). I was successful in landing the job I wanted and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others in my situation. I will continue to work with her into the future.

    Dr Sunela Pathirana

    SRMO Sydney

    I am privileged to have been able to work with Anita on multiple occasions.
    Initially introduced through the AMA, she played a pivotal role in my career progression. From assisting me with my resume, to providing me with the confidence to tackle interviews. I am forever thankful to her and would not hesitate to recommend her to a colleague or friend.

    Thanks Anita.

    Douglas Randell

    Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer, Consultant, Specialist

    Anita, I still remember the confidence you gave me when I was thinking of transitioning from clinical work to medical administration. It has been an important step that has enabled much opportunity and wider impact. Thanks for the great work you do.

    Erika Stradzins

    Critical Care Senior Resident Medical Officer at St George’s Hospital Sydney

    Ms Fletcher is an incredible asset to the Australian medical community. I first worked with Anita in my capacity as the president of the Women in Medicine Group, at the University of New South Wales, a grassroots initiative to promote gender equity in the medical profession. Anita facilitated a tailored workshop for medical students on how to build CVs. She engaged well with not only the audience, but also those who video conferenced in, showing superior communication skills. Feedback from students included praise about her practical advice, understanding, and ability to answer questions. We were also appreciative that Anita came after hours to share her knowledge with us. Thanks to Anita we now feel empowered to take positive steps towards our careers in medicine, and are excited about being the next generation of doctors.


    Unaccredited ICU/Anaesthetics Registrar

    As a junior doctor trying to enter a highly competitive specialty, having Anita’s guidance with career counselling, application and interview preparation was incredibly effective and reassuring. I received numerous interviews and job offers, and have accepted a new role which challenges and directly advances my career. I would not hesitate to recommend Anita to my medical colleagues (although truth be told, I would selfishly like to keep her services a secret!).

    Dilani Bamford

    JMO Manager

    Approachable, personable, friendly, supportive, expert in career advice, CV building & recruitment and much more. I have worked with Anita personally & professionally and highly recommend. Anita is extremely honest and never fails to deliver!