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Career Development

Identifying individual interests and strengths to establish a personal profile. Working within a collaborative framework to create a flexible career plan.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be daunting and recruiters can be faced with hundreds of candidates to choose from. We can help you through this process so that you confidently express your professional abilities in your best light.

Meet Anita

My passion is helping people to proactively manage their careers and experience the elation that comes with landing each individual person’s dream job. My objective is to provide services that enrich people’s careers and, in turn, their lives.

As a highly experienced Medical Career Coach I am the founder of an advice-based specialist consulting practice. This work allows me to indulge in my passions for writing, public speaking, and coaching people to understand and convey their value so that they can realise their potential.

I have a deep understanding of the many and varied complexities and challenges of a career in Medicine and the opportunities that exist for doctors outside of Medicine.

This understanding comes from:

  • 5+ years running the Medical Careers Advisory for the Australian Medical Association
  • Engaging with thousands of doctors within Australia and internationally while working with Australia’s peak body for medical professionals
  • A 25-year background in business operations management and HR

In my career, I too have experienced the feeling of being stuck and had to learn how to make the moves required to get past that. I’ve also learned the importance of “doing the work” required to make necessary changes.

My expertise, in combination with personalised assistance and career-related training services, results in significant progress toward greater career fulfilment for doctors and others within the health sector and beyond.

Conversations with Doctors

In our new podcast series, we hear from medical experts about their careers – what motivated them to take their chosen pathway and how they succeeded.
I’m delighted to announce the first three guests for this year:

  • Episode 1 – Dr Ashna Basu – incoming Psychiatry trainee, speaker, consultant
  • Episode 2 – Professor Andrew Mallett – Director of Clinical Research at Townsville Hospital and Health Service
  • Episode 3 – Dr Antonio Di Dio – GP, Volunteer, Advocate, Deputy Director PSR
  • Episode 4 – Dr Ferghal Armstrong – GP, Addiction Medicine Specialist, accredited MATOD trainer and the CEO and co-founder of Meducate
  • Episode 5 – Dr Merran Cooper – Founder and CEO of Touchstone Life Care

New episodes release on the last Friday of every month. Fulfilment in Medicine and Beyond – this is Standout Medical Careers.

Listen here

Anita Fletcher - Helps to find proper medical career pathways for career growth

Why should you be prepared when it comes to medical career pathways?

The medical field offers a wide array of medical career pathways. You need to carefully consider a range of options that may be suitable for you. Your medical education and training also equips you for many options for nonclinical roles. Therefore, it is important to understand your motivations, skillsets and preferences to ascertain the medical career pathway that is right for you. Once you know what you want to do, you will need to prepare yourself accordingly. I can help guide you through this process.

Also, I help my clients develop additional skills required for their continued professional development and career fulfilment.

Download the Standout Application Checklist

Click the below link to download the Standout Application Checklist. This checklist will help you take stock of some of the key aspects to strategically prepare a strong application for your next (and future) roles.

Download here

Interactive Webinars

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What my clients say!

Are you an existing client? Submit a testimonial here.

    Dr Sunela Pathirana

    SRMO Sydney

    I am privileged to have been able to work with Anita on multiple occasions.
    Initially introduced through the AMA, she played a pivotal role in my career progression. From assisting me with my resume, to providing me with the confidence to tackle interviews. I am forever thankful to her and would not hesitate to recommend her to a colleague or friend.

    Thanks Anita.

    Eleanor Warwick

    Medical Student 5th year at University of Newcastle

    I worked with Anita when applying for Junior Medical Officer positions. Anita worked closely with me to ensure my CV was at an exceptional standard and that my selection criteria address and CV were best structured to reflect my skills, strengths and experiences. Anita’s personalised and supportive approach to the job application process is strengths-based, assisting you to reflect on what makes you a stand-out candidate and communicate that effectively. Her well-organised, efficient sessions are guided by your goals. Her additional insights into career planning, professional development and organisation were invaluable. I plan to work with Anita further in future, and would definitely recommend Anita to any of my colleagues, at any stage of their career.

    Dilani Bamford

    JMO Manager

    Approachable, personable, friendly, supportive, expert in career advice, CV building & recruitment and much more. I have worked with Anita personally & professionally and highly recommend. Anita is extremely honest and never fails to deliver!

    Dr Ashna Basu

    Doctor, Speaker, Consultant

    Working with Anita has been incredible. She's so warm, knowledgeable and approachable. She made a huge effort to understand me and my experience/skills/qualifications - often she remembers achievements I've forgotten about! That then feeds into career development sessions, where she helps me ideate about the future, and provides amazing advice. It's also incredibly helpful for more targeted sessions preparing for job applications and interviews! Interview preparation with Anita is another highlight - it was flexible and tailored, but she was also able to switch into interview mode where she fired questions at me to test my endurance. The feedback afterwards was insightful, with heaps of practical tips and the questions were very similar to those I got in my interviews! Anita has been an absolute asset, and helped me secure my dream job. Interview preparation isn't just for people who struggle with interviews - it's always vital to practice answering questions, and doing that with someone as experienced as Anita meant that I was constantly getting honest and valuable feedback. Working with Anita is a crucial part of my personal and professional development. I first met Anita when she worked with the AMA - when she launched StandOut Medical Careers it was an absolute no-brainer - she's the best in the biz.

    General Surgeon


    I highly recommend Anita for her help in my career progression; fantastic feedback and advice; greatly appreciated indeed.

    Peter Somerville

    Chief Executive Officer - Australian Medical Association (ACT) Ltd

    I've worked with Anita on several projects and events delivering career advice and building interview skills for young doctors. At all times, Anita has displayed a depth of knowledge and willingness to accommodate the needs of AMA (ACT) and our members that is second to none. Combining her depth of knowledge with a calm, structured manner means that I have no hesitation in recommending to future business partners.