I Help Ambitious, Time Poor, Overworked Doctors Move Their Career Forward And Find Career Fulfilment By…

Ways To Attain Your Ideal Role

Career Development Coaching

Examine your career ambitions, plan for change and build the skills you need.
CPD accredited activity with RACGP and ACRRM.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be daunting, and candidates need to stand out within strong talent pools. We can help you prepare for this process to confidently and effectively present your value.

Executive Coaching

Are you ready to step up to a nonclinical leadership position? Or plan for a portfolio career? Gain a leading edge to win executive corporate, public service and board roles.

Why should you be prepared when it comes to medical career pathways?

The medical field offers a wide array of medical career pathways. You need to carefully consider a range of options that may be suitable for you. Your medical education and training also equip you with many options for nonclinical roles. Therefore, it is important to understand your motivations, skillsets and preferences to ascertain the medical career pathway that is right for you. Once you know what you want to do, you will need to prepare yourself accordingly. I can help guide you through this process.

Also, I help my clients develop additional skills required for their continued professional development
and career fulfilment.

What Do You Need Help With?


Identify your goals and ambitions, plan for change and build the skills to attain fulfilling roles within Medicine and beyond.


Medicine is competitive! So, candidates need to stand out within strong talent pools. We can help you prepare for this process so that you get the invitation to highly sought-after interviews.


Interviews can be daunting. Preparation and structure build confidence to express your professional abilities and unique value. We guide you through uncovering and conveying key information.


What are you known for and what do you wish to be known for in the future? Do others really understand what you can offer? Through online and in-person networking, you can share your message and open new windows of opportunity.


Looking for ways to provide valuable training for your staff in 2024? Leaders in medical organisations are recognising the importance of coaching for their teams.

Standout Prevocational Trainee

Standout Prevocational Trainee is a self-paced learning program providing practical guidance on navigating issues which affect Doctors in Training.

It provides doctors in training with information to ensure a thorough approach to planning, preparing and taking action to attain critical roles for continued career progression.

What my clients say!

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About Anita Fletcher

My passion is helping people proactively manage their careers and experience the elation of landing each individual person’s dream job. My objective is to provide services that enrich people’s careers and, in turn, their lives.

As a highly experienced Medical Career Coach I am the founder of an advice-based specialist consulting practice. This work allows me to indulge in my passions for writing, public speaking, and coaching people to understand and convey their values so that they can realise their potential.

I have a deep understanding of the many and varied complexities and challenges of a career in Medicine and the opportunities that exist for doctors outside of Medicine.

This understanding comes from:

In my career, I too have experienced the feeling of being stuck and had to learn how to make the moves required to get past that. I’ve also learned the importance of “doing the work” required to make necessary changes.
My expertise, in combination with personalised assistance and career-related training services, results in significant progress toward greater career fulfilment for doctors and others within the health sector and beyond.

We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with MIGA
We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Australian medical indemnity provider MIGA. This allows us to support more doctors nationally through our career coaching services, specialist consulting and training. MIGA members gain access to our services at special member pricing.
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